Visit AMoA’s new ArtSpace!

ArtSpace is an interactive gallery featuring rotating works of art from the AMoA’s Permanent Collection paired with activities designed to engage visitors of all ages to look at art in new ways.  Artworks and activities will change several times a year which means there is always something new to explore!

LOOK closely and slow down the viewing experience
ENJOY the provided activities and better understand artworks
CREATE your own works of art to take home
IMAGINE a world full of artistic possibilities

ANIMALS up through late summer 2019
Animals have long been an important part of art and art history.  From Andy Warhol’s pop art cow print to French and English genre paintings, explore how various artists have used animals to symbolize human emotions, spirituality, wealth, status, and identity. Activities include...

Create an Animal Character
Inspired by Jumping for Joy by Laurent de Brunhoff, create a three panel cartoon of an animal taking a walk, dancing, riding a bicycle, or otherwise acting like a human.

Compare and Contrast
How are they alike and how are they different?  Compare Andy Warhol’s Cow print and a carved Indian cow head sculpture to find more meaning in both artworks.

Decode the Allegory
An allegory is a picture with a hidden meaning.  Looking closely at Out of the Coop by Melissa Miller, begin to interpret the deeper meaning of the painting.

Make your own mask
Masks are created by cultures and traditions throughout the world.  Create your own original mask inspired by the animal-like figures in Indian Dancers by Jeff Delude.

Pet Portrait
Often animals like dogs and cats have symbolic meaning when incorporated into works of art.  Draw a portrait of your favorite pet in the style of classic genre paintings and consider what your pet says about you.

Sketching in the Gallery
Focusing on elements such as line, shape, form, and texture, be inspired by the artworks around you.